AMPS-MV Confirming your incoming Threat

The AMPS-MV system provides full protection to VIP and civil aircraft against MANPADS attacks.  AMPS-MV operates in a fully autonomous mode and provides complete protection with minimal pilot intervention.

The system integrates the patented MACS (Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor) Semi-Active confirmation Radar. MACS is a complementary sensor to a primary MWS sensor and significantly reduces the false alarm rate of the AMPS system. Queued by an MWS suspected threat, MACS points towards the suspected threat and performs a Doppler-based interrogation to confirm the existence of a valid threat; otherwise, the threat is considered to be a False Alarm. The validation process between the electro-optical sensors and the MACS provides the most effective filtering of all known natural and human-made types of false alarms typically detected by electro-optical sensors. As such, MACS ensures that only real missiles will be declared by the system and reacted upon.

MACS is fully qualified for both Military and Civil Aircraft standards (MIL-STD & RTCA/DO-160/178/254) and can be integrated as a standalone or as an add-on LRU (line replaceable unit) to any ASE system, and can also support a single or multiple turret configuration according to the aircraft requirements.

The system including the MACS is fully operational and has been installed on a wide range of aircraft ranging from small helicopters to wide-body aircraft.


Main features:

Fully autonomous system from detection to protection

Practically zero false alarm rate (1 for every thousands of hours)

Highest probability of detection

Calculated Time-to-Impact to enhance countermeasure logic

Multi threat handling - up to 8 simultaneous threats

Short installation and integration time

Standalone configuration - no interfaces required for mission or avionics systems

Improves aircraft survivability (especially at night) by eliminating the need to fire any flares due to false alarms

Designed according to MIL and RTCA/DO environmental and EMI standards to meet both military and civilian aircraft requirements (both helicopters and fixed wing)

Designed according to RTCA/DO-178 and RTCA-DO-254 civil aviation standards to ensure high level of sensor safety and reliability

AMPS Brochure

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