ASIO Border Surveillance
Border Surveillance Mission

Border surveillance and protection requires large area scanning to detect, track and recognize unauthorized intruders- be they hostile forces, terrorists, smugglers, illegal immigrants or any other criminal/illegal entities. Regardless of the terrain, missions of securing national borders have become increasingly difficult hence requiring flexible, high-performance multi-sensor systems, installed and operated from a variety of platforms.

Border Surveillance Solution

ASIO Border Surveillance solution is the most effective solution enabling to effectively protect borders while enabling dissemination of all available ISR data to minimize reaction time.
ASIO provides the capability to detect and track possible terrorist activity, contraband importation and movements of undocumented aliens, as well as coordinate a law enforcement response to these threats.
The system provides a defense-in-depth, layered approach to preventing persons or items from illegally accessing the borders while leveraging its f

orce strength by applying airborne and ground assets all sharing a real time unified situational awareness picture.
ASIO multiplatform turnkey solution is adaptable and designed for installation on a variety of aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles. The ASIO mission package is small enough to fit on a turboprop, jet or helicopter and has been integrated on a number of platforms, including the King Air 350, Cessna Citatio

n, Bell 407 and others.



Numerous Advantages:
Proven and mature solution delivered successfully to customers world-wide.
Comprehensive in-depth-defense, layered approach including airborne, maritime and ground assets.
Aircraft independent solution – ASIO can be integrated on any type of platform whether new or in-fleet.
Most Advanced Ground Surveillance Sensor Suit that fully complies with the most diverse operational requirements.
BIRD's advanced Mission Management System (MSIS) tailored for border surveillance mission and fully integrated with Advanced mission sensors and communication systems.
Extensive design, installation and certification experience optimized for ground surveillance missions and extensive Civil Aviation Authorities Certification know how.
BIRD In-house MRO ensuring successful completion of all the modification, installation, certification, maintenance and support activities during the program and during the extended warranty period.
Keeping you fully Informed

ASIO Border surveillance solution is designed to achieve maximum mission effectiveness through BIRD’s advanced Multi Sensor Integration System (MSIS) that manages the complete mission profile (Briefings, Operational and Debriefings/Analysis).
MSIS collects and processes large amounts of information gathered from all onboard sensors. This information is then automatically classified and then clearly displayed using state of the art data integration algorithms with an easy to use and intuitive human machine interface.
MSIS reduces mission crew workload by display and operation of important aspects of the mission at any given time, enabling the crew to efficiently complete detection and classification of only the relevant targets.

Command and Control application for management of all mission phases: planning, execution, debriefing.
User defined flight plan contains route with waypoints, specific area marked for search or No Fly Zone and activities of sensors for defining search patterns in accordance with the evolving mission.
Real-time data collection from all sensors, tagging with mission id, time and flight attributes.
Various scan analysis tools such as line-of-sight for specific sensor activity considering coverage by ranges and angles.
Fully integrated radar products (Track, ISAR, SAR) between operators on airborne and ground platforms.
Synced map views for examining surface and focus on the same Points of Interests (POI).
Manual operation and automatic activation of all sensors and sub-systems.
Integration and display of layered information based on sensors in tactical picture with flexible waterfall views and geo-located over map (in accordance with NATO symbology).
Support variety of map formats and types for raster maps, orthophoto and aerial imagery, vector information and elevation data.
Recording and Playback of all mission data (video audio & data) with time tagged bookmarks, graphics annotations, clips and captured frames.
Export and backup all mission data using external SSD/USB device.

BIRD’s extensive operational experience and understanding of mission-critical requirements has facilitated the design and delivery of an ASIO Border Surveillance Aircraft solution that can be tailored to meet the most demanding customer requirements worldwide.

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