µMPR Micro Maritime Patrol Radar

As our seas grow increasingly congested with commercial, fishing and tourist
operators, protecting maritime borders from illegal fishing, smugglers, terrorist
attacks and myriad underworld actors has become more complex than ever before.
The μMPR leverages BIRD’s proven in-house radar technologies and products,
all currently operational throughout the world on multiple platforms, along with
millimetre wave (mmW) technology, to cut through sea clutter, improve detection
capability, and ensure mission effectiveness.
Implementing patented sophisticated design features combined with powerful
signal processing algorithms, the μMPR uniquely detects and tracks maritime
vessels with 100% accuracy in positive identification.

μMPR Key Benefits:

High performance MTI for scanning,
detection and tracking maritime vessels

Extended 30 km detection range

Single lightweight and compact LRU

High reliability

Simple installation on small platforms

Intuitive RCD Interface tailored for
Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Easy integration with customer’s C2

Low cost of ownership

Simple installation in multiple locations

Tailored for small platforms

µMPR Brochure

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