OSCAR Maritime Surveillance
OSCAR - Ocean Surveillance Control And Reconnaissance

With vast oceans offering many opportunities to perform illegal activities, Maritime Domain Awareness can only be
operationally effective if it is followed by Action. BIRD’s Ocean Surveillance Control And Reconnaissance (OSCAR)
is the ideal solution for maritime domain awareness needs.

OSCAR Surveillance Solution

OSCAR is an advanced multi-sensor Maritime Domain Awareness solution integrating data from various sensors including AIS, satellites, Coastal radars and others.
By applying advanced machine learning algorithms and completely free from user interaction, OSCAR automatically
detects, prioritizes and alerts of suspicious activities at sea, 24/7. With smart task-force integration to either ASIO or
existing Tactical assets, fast and secure over-the-cloud deployment, OSCAR increases maritime domain awareness
and significantly reduces operational costs.

Capabilities & Advantages:
Tier-1 detection and prevention against illegal maritime activities, providing a 24/7 Situational Awareness
Multiple data sources - Satellite and Terrestrial AIS, Satellite Imagery, Radars and Tactical sensors
Fully autonomous threat detection and classification for suspicious vessels
Fully integrated with the ASIO Special Mission Solutions
Optimizes the utilization of Tactical forces
Decreases mission costs while increasing effectiveness
Affordable Over the Cloud deployment