ASIO Ground Surveillance
Ground Surveillance Mission

Ground surveillance missions require large area scanning to detect, track and recognize unauthorized intruders such as criminal/illegal entities. Regardless of the terrain, missions of securing of ground infrastructure and the national borders have become increasingly difficult hence requiring flexible, high-performance multi-sensor systems, installed and operated from a variety of platforms.

ASIO Ground Surveillance Solution

BIRD’s ASIO ground surveillance configuration provides customers with an integrated Aerial-Land operational solution. It provides our customer’s operational surveillance and security forces, including Fixed Wing surveillance aircrafts, surveillance helicopters, ground vehicular forces and HQ commanders, with an effective, integrated, real-time situational awareness overview before, during and after surveillance operations and special missions.
ASIO provides the capability to detect and track possible terrorist activity and movements of unauthorized personal, as well as coordinate a law enforcement response to these threats.
The solution enables customers to patrol and survey their strategic assets and areas of interest in any weather or lighting condition. When a threat is detected by the ASIO Special Mission Aircraft mission operator, the detection location, live video and operational data is immediately relayed to other ASIO fixed wing aircraft and ASIO Special Mission Helicopters for further tracking. In parallel, target data and live airborne video is sent to HQ and ASIO land vehicles for effective event management and/or interception of the suspected targets on ground.
ASIO provides a defense-in-depth, layered approach to preventing persons or items from illegally accessing ground assets and sensitive infrastructure while leveraging its force strength by applying aviation and ground assets all sharing a real time unified situational awareness picture.


Numerous Advantages:
Proven and mature solution delivered successfully to customers world-wide.
Comprehensive in-depth-defense, layered approach including airborne, maritime and ground assets.
Aircraft independent solution – ASIO can be integrated on any type of platform whether new or in-fleet.
BIRD In-house MRO ensuring successful completion of all the modification, installation, certification, maintenance and support activities during the program and during the extended warranty period.
Most Advanced Ground Surveillance Sensor Suit that fully complies with the most diverse operational requirements.
BIRD's advanced Mission Management System (MSIS) tailored for ground surveillance missions and fully integrated with Advance mission sensors and communication systems.
Extensive design, installation and certification experience optimized for ground surveillance missions and extensive Civil Aviation Authorities Certification know how.
ASIO is highly customizable and supports the following main Ground Surveillance missions:
Ground Surveillance - detection, monitoring, sorting, tracking and coordination of law enforcement response to suspected airborne and ground activity at the countries’ borders.
Surveillance of critical infrastructure such as ports, Electric Utility and pipeline assets.
Response to natural disasters.
Anti-terrorism missions - by supporting the identification and interception of potential terrorists and illegal ground activity.
Inspection of pipeline leaks, gas and oil storage and water supply systems.
Monitoring of critical assets such as Railroad and highway.

ASIO provides end-to-end capabilities that benefit law enforcement and military customers with turn-key responsive solutions for optimal mission performance.

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