ASIO Police/HLS Surveillance
Police/Homeland Security Surveillance Mission

Police and Homeland agencies worldwide are expanding the airborne missions to enable surveillance, Search and Rescue (SAR), traffic enforcement, command and control in exceptional situations and searching for criminal offenders all at a lower overall cost.
Additionally fixed-wing aircraft serve even more varied needs such as long range surveillance and reconnaissance operations that cover long distances, such as the span of a state, and are often used in conjunction with helicopters.
It is estimated that 3 crew members in a special mission aircraft can perform the work of dozens of ground officers safer and more cost effectively.

ASIO Police and HLS Solution

ASIO Police and Homeland Protection solution by BIRD is a tailored solution for law enforcement agencies enabling them to get the information they need when they need it. ASIO ensures that when you arrive on scene, you’ll know the exact address of every house you are looking at using unique features designed for Police surveillance such as augmented reality mapping display.
ASIO advanced Mission Management system (MSIS) provides a major enhancement in Police and HLS situational awareness capabilities. ASIO is able to overlay much needed information such as addresses, street names, business names and any other data of interest directly on top of real-time sensor video. This unique display enables officers in the air to determine what it is they’re viewing from above and reduces their crew workload and drastically improves their effectiveness.
ASIO multiplatform turnkey solution is adaptable to the available budget and operational requirement and is designed for installation on a variety of aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles. The ASIO mission package is small enough to fit on a turboprop, jet or helicopter and has been integrated on a number of platforms, including the Bell-407, EC-145, King Air 350, Cessna Citation and others.

Numerous Advantages:
Proven and mature solution delivered successfully to customers world-wide.
Comprehensive in-depth-defense, layered approach including airborne, maritime and ground assets.
Aircraft independent solution – ASIO can be integrated on any type of platform whether new or in-fleet.
Most Advanced Sensor Suit that is tailored for law enforcement missions.
BIRD advanced Mission Management System (MSIS) that simplifies the crew workload as all the information they need is available on a single display enabling them to effectively focus on the mission.
Extensive design, installation and certification experience optimized for ground surveillance missions and extensive Civil Aviation Authorities Certification know how.
BIRD's In-house MRO ensuring successful completion of all the modification, installation, certification, maintenance during the program and during the extended warranty period
Keeping you fully Informed

ASIO Police and HLS solution is designed to achieve maximum mission effectiveness through BIRD’s advanced Multi Sensor Integration System (MSIS) that manages the complete mission profile (Briefings, Operational and Debriefings/Analysis).
MSIS collects and processes large amounts of information gathered from all onboard sensors. This information is then automatically classified and then clearly displayed using state of the art data integration algorithms with an easy to use and intuitive human machine interface.

MSIS reduces mission crew workload by display of mission critical information through the use of Augmented Reality Overlay combining sensor and data of interest over a single display.
MSIS Main features include:

Integration and display of layered information based on sensors in tactical picture with flexible waterfall views and geo-located over map.
Real time sensors (EOP, Search Radar, Search light, etc) control and management.
Manual operation and automatic activation of all sensors and sub-systems.
Synced map views for examining surface and focus on the same Points of Interests (POI).
Support variety of map formats and types for raster maps, orthophoto and aerial imagery, vector information and elevation data.
Multiple Orientation Views.
Recording and Playback of all mission data (video audio & data) with time tagged bookmarks, graphics annotations, clips and captured frames.
Export and backup all mission data using external SSD/USB device.

BIRD’s highly experienced team of professionals, fully dedicated to the successful delivery of a comprehensive Police and HLS Program tailored to your need with the outmost satisfaction.