AMPS-MLR Configuration

Protects aircraft against MANPADS, Laser Beam Rider threats, radar-guided missiles and radar-controlled guns. AMPS-MLR provides enhanced protection against all Ground-to-Air missile types including MANPADS, Laser Beam Rider threats (LRF, LTD, LBR) and Radar Guided threats (Missiles and Radar controlled guns).
At the heart of the AMPS-MLR system is BIRD’s Suite Controller (MCDU). The MCDU integrates and manages the threat data from the MILDS® AN/AAR60 UV Sensors, ALTAS-2QB sensors and the ELT-160 RWR sensors. The result is a unified display for all incoming threats greatly minimizing decision time, if required, when reacting to threats.

The RWR sensors are based on light radar warning receivers. These receivers provide wideband radio frequency coverage and an automatic warning of high priority emitters. The automatic analyses and classifications of known and unknown emitters are also a result of the receiver’s capabilities.

The system provides timely and very reliable threat awareness with excellent threat discrimination. After the automatic detection of the incoming threat, the AMPS-MLR processes and optimizes the countermeasure programs, initiates the appropriate countermeasures, and provides visual and audio alerts to the aircraft crew.

AMPS-MLR is a modular, stand-alone, operational system that can be fully configured to cost-effectively contend with the widest range of Radar, Laser and IR-guided SAMs.

Main features:

Protects against MAPNPADS threats, Laser Beam Rider threats and Radar Guided threats

Fully autonomous system from detection to protection

Multi-threat handling

Library programming is supported

Stand alone configuration - no interfaces required to mission or avionic systems

High accuracy of detection

Full Testability

System blanking on request from the MCDU

Short installation and integration time

AMPS Brochure

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