BIRD Aerosystems Receives Excellence Award from the Israeli Export Institute
Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 2011, BIRD Aerosystems Ltd. has received an excellence award from the Israeli Export Institute in recognition of the significant growth the company had demonstrated over the past three years, dramatically increasing its worldwide sales and product offering.

The award was presented to BIRD joint CEOs Mr. David Dragucki and Mr. Ronen Factor by the Israeli Mister of Industry Trade and Labor Mr. Shalom Simhon and the President of the Israeli Export Institute Mr. Avi Hefez.

During the ceremony Mr. Avi Hefez described BIRD’s achievements as unique, stating that the cooperation agreements the company had signed with major international companies for the development and marketing of the AMPS and ASIO solutions is a force multiplier that enabled the company to leverage its sales and product offering worldwide. Further on, Mr. Hefez described the continuous investments done by BIRD in the development of additional complementary solutions including the development of the next generation of self protection systems that will protect commercial airliners from the growing threat of MANPADS.

“Israeli companies have an in depth experience with modern defense requirements as well as a creative and flexible approach that leads companies such as BIRD to develop new and innovative solutions” said BIRD Aerosystems Co-CEO Mr. Ronen Factor, “when you combine these innovative solutions with the right business model that includes cooperation agreements with leading international companies you can gain worldwide market recognition and become a market leader”

BIRD Aerosystems is a privately owned company established in 2001 and based in Israel. BIRD specializes in developing and deploying Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS) and Airborne Surveillance, Observation and Information (ASIO) solutions, both of which incorporate in-depth knowledge of current airborne operational requirements.

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