Aero India 2019: BIRD Aerosystems to Unveil its Unique SPREOS DIRCM Solution to the Indian Defense Market through manufacturing partner Defsys
Saturday, February 9, 2019

This is the first time that BIRD’s SPREOS DIRCM solution is presented in India

Aero India 2019, Hall B/3.6, DEFSYS’ Booth

BIRD Aerosystems, the leading developer of Special Mission Aircraft Solutions (ASIO) and Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS), will present its SPREOS Directional Infra-Red Counter Measure (DIRCM) solution in its production configuration for the first time in India, at this year’s Aero India exhibition. Alongside the SPREOS, BIRD Aerosystems will also present its patented Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor (MACS). BIRD’s MACS and SPREOS provides unique counter measure capabilities significantly enhancing the protection of airborne platforms and are an ideal solution for a range of airborne platforms, including military helicopters and transport aircraft, as they ensure optimal protection against different MANPADS threat types. MACS and SPREOS will be manufactured in cooperation with DEFSYS Solutions Pvt. Ltd under the Make in India paradigm.

“We are proud to present for the first time in the Indian market our MACS and SPREOS DIRCM systems at this year’s Aero India exhibition,” Says Ronen Factor, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Bird Aerosystems. “SPREOS eliminates all of the false alarms and ensures that only actual threats are jammed. Combining multiple independent laser generators, including the latest QCL technology, the system is able to counter the latest generation threats and to ensure the use of the best protection strategy, according to the given situation. This is an ideal solution that fits the needs of the Indian Armed Forces Helicopters, and we are honored that both the SPREOS DIRCM and the MACS sensor will be locally manufactured, under the Make in India paradigm.”

MACS (Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor) performs a unique confirmation of suspected incoming missile threats detected by the Helicopter Missile Warning Sensors (MWS), and practically eliminates any False Alarms. MACS can work alongside with any legacy MWS and is the ideal solution for enhancing the Indian Armed Forces Helicopters Protection, ensuring practically Zero False Alarm Rate and most effective countermeasure.

SPREOS DIRCM integrates into a single Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) multiple functions, including threat confirmation, tracking and jamming of advanced IR guided missiles. SPREOS slews to the direction of the threat, activates its multi-band radar functionality, confirms and tracks while analyzing its unique information to enable the most effective jamming response. Following the confirmation and tracking, SPREOS deploys the dual-band countermeasure laser, causing the missile to miss the aircraft. The SPREOS can work with any legacy MWS and is the most advanced, compact and lightweight DIRCM in the market.


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