Advanced Hybrid Detection System for APS

This miniature hybrid detection system with BIRD’s proprietary technology employs a multi-sensing capability to enhance the protection of armoured vehicles from wide-ranging
potential threats.
BIRD Aerosystems’ HybridEYE is an advanced hybrid detection system that enhances the protection of armored vehicles performing complicated missions in a dynamic battlefield.
Tailored for Active Protection Systems (APS) the system provides rapid detection, confirmation and tracking of multiple threats, including anti-tank missiles, RPGs, drones and artillery shells, while maintaining a single LRU design and the smallest SWAP available on today’s market.
Each HybridEYE sensor includes a Phased Array Radar, multiple IR warning detectors and Laser warning detector.
These are all integrated together using BIRD’s advanced in-house fusion algorithms, which compare and combine the information extracted from each detector to achieve superior multi-band detection and tracking of multiple threats – regardless of how cluttered or saturated the environment.
The HybridEYE sensor is uniquely designed to be fully compatible with any Hard-Kill or Soft-Kill system while providing the operator comprehensive situational awareness capabilities around the vehicle.

Main Features:

Accurate detection, confirmation and tracking of any type of incoming threat

Optimal search and track capability with maximum Probability of Detection & minimal False Alarm Rate in all weather conditions

Additional optional radar modes of operation

Precise multiple target tracking capability based
on Phased Array Radar technology

Wide band high precision Laser warning detector

HybridEYE Brochure

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