LAND Protection Systems

Innovative Fusion of Radar and Electro-Optics Sensors

LAND - Protection Systems

With the constant changes in the modern battlefield and the continuous development of advanced anti-tank weapons, tank protection systems are highly dependent on their detection systems and their ability to provide timely detection, confirmation and accurate tracking and cueing to counter the threat.

Tailored for Active Protection Systems (APS), BIRD’s HybridEYE system provides rapid detection, confirmation and tracking of multiple threats, including anti-tank missiles, RPGs, drones and artillery shells, while maintaining the smallest and lightest form factor.

The HybridEYE multi-sensor detection system is designed for medium size armored vehicles performing complicated missions in a dynamic battlefield. Combining an advanced Phased Array Radar, multiple IR warning detectors and Laser warning detector integrated together using BIRD’s advanced fusion algorithms the sensor is able to compare and combine the sensors information to achieve superior performance robustness even in the most cluttered or saturated environments.


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