SHEPARD: "BIRD Aerosystems to convert King Air 350 into MPA"
martes, marzo 15, 2022
BIRD Aerosystems on 14 March announced an order from an unnamed customer to install its Airborne Surveillance, Intelligence and Observation (ASIO) ISR suite aboard a Beechcraft King Air 350. Under the contract (worth an undisclosed value), BIRD will purchase the aircraft and convert it into a maritime patrol aircraft (King Air MPA) using its ASIO solution. According to Shephard Defence Insight, ASIO provides real-time SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT and IMINT information for wide-area maritime and ground surveillance, as well as targeted monitoring missions. The ASIO surveillance system provides customers with an integrated cross-domain solution, covering land, naval, and air. It facilitates maritime and coastal surveillance, patrol and survey of borders and strategic assets and EEZ monitoring capabilities. Other special mission aircraft with BIRD Aerosystems ASIO equipment include the Cessna Citation and Bell 407.