BIRD Aerosystems Presented the ASIO Ground Surveillance Solution at FAM
Friday, April 24, 2015

Herzliya, Israel, April 2015 – BIRD Aerosystems Ltd.

BIRD Aerosystems presented its ASIO Ground Surveillance Solution at FAM Air Show in Mexico. The solution presented includes turnkey aircraft solution equipped with high tech mission systems and sensors integrated with BIRD’s mission management system (MSIS).

MSIS collects and processes the large amounts of information gathered from all onboard sensors. This information is then automatically classified and then clearly displayed with an easy to use and intuitive human machine interface.

The ASIO solution presented offers total interoperability with Ground C&C systems and real-time secure data exchange between the ground and airborne operators enabling to exchange orders from higher command or other units, and to rapidly update additional users with real-time situational updates.

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