BIRD Aerosystems has successfully delivered another ASIO Maritime Program to a country in Africa
Saturday, October 14, 2017

The ASIO maritime solution delivered is currently in full operational use by the country’s security forces, protecting the country’s territorial water

Israeli BIRD Aerosystems’, the developer and manufacturer of the Airborne Surveillance, Information and Observation (ASIO) solution, has recently delivered its ASIO Multi-Segment task force solution to a country in Africa. The ASIO maritime program delivered is currently in operational use by this country’s security forces, protecting the country’s territorial water from different threats including piracy, terror, and smuggling.

BIRD’s ASIO maritime solution provides customers with an integrated Aerial-Naval-Land solution. It facilitates maritime and coastal surveillance, patrol, survey of borders and strategic assets as well as Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) monitoring capabilities. The ASIO Maritime surveillance solution provides an operational surveillance and security task force including Fixed Wing surveillance aircraft tailored with maritime mission sensors, Naval Ships, and HQ command.

Designed to achieve maximum mission effectiveness, the ASIO Maritime solution includes BIRD’s advanced Multi Sensor Integration System (MSIS), which manages the complete mission profile and ensures that all operating teams share a unified, real-time situational awareness overview over land and water. The MSIS collects and processes large amounts of information gathered from all onboard sensors. This information is then automatically classified and quickly and clearly displayed, using state of the art algorithms with an easy to use and intuitive human machine interface.

BIRD’s MSIS reduces mission crew workload by display and operation of important aspects of the mission at any given time, enabling the crew to efficiently complete detection and classification of only the relevant targets.

Ronen Factor, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder: “BIRD’s advanced maritime ASIO solution is an ideal solution for protection against threats such as piracy, smuggling, illegal fishing, oil pollution, illegal underwater activities and other criminal and terror forces. Leveraging BIRD’s advanced mission management system (MSIS) to integrate the information gathered from the various sensors, BIRD’s ASIO maritime solution provides all operating teams a unified, real-time situational awareness overview over land and water, thus enabling efficient detection, tracking and interception of any suspicious activity. We are excited to provide our advanced maritime ASIO solution to another customer, and convinced that our system will effectively improve the protection of this country’s territorial water”.


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