BIRD Aerosystems delivered its AMPS Missile Defense Systems to the US Government
Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Herzliya, Israel – January, 2017
BIRD Aerosystems has recently provided its advanced Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS) to the US Army.
The AMPS missile protection system provides the most enhanced protection for military and civilian aircraft against the growing threat of ground to air missiles (MANPADS). AMPS was developed in cooperation with AIRBUS Defence and Space, and is installed on hundreds of aircraft worldwide. The system is designed to automatically detect, verify, and foil SAM attacks through the effective use of countermeasure decoys (Flares and Chaff) and by Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) that jam the missile’s IR seeker and protects the aircraft.

AMPS is fully operational on military and VIP aircraft. Significantly, AMPS has also evolved into a standard system for NATO, having been selected and installed on Military, VIP and civil platforms used by NATO members, the United Nations air operations, governments and air forces around the world. This delivery follows previous deliveries of the AMPS system that has been successfully implemented in recent programs of the US.

Shaul Mazor, VP of marketing and business development: “BIRD’s Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS) are installed on hundreds of aircrafts worldwide. We are proud to provide our advanced AMPS to the US government, value their choice in our systems and see this as a significant footing for BIRD in the US market”.

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