BIRD Aerosystems begins flight testing of its Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor (MACS)
Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Herzliya, Israel, September 2013 – BIRD Aerosystems Ltd.

BIRD Aerosystems begins flight testing of the newly devleped Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor (MACS) that is designed to verify the validity of the threat detecting and will practically eliminate the system False Alarms while also collecting additional valuable information on the target (velocity, distance) and calculates the time to impact, hens enabling the most effective countermeasure response to the incoming missile.
By achieving a practical zero False Alarm Rate the MACS sensor enables the AMPS system to comply with the EASA/FAA civil aviation regulation procedures and makes it uniquely capable of being installed on both civil and military aircrafts.
The AMPS self Protection system is certified by leading aircraft manufactures including EUROCOPTER, MIL Design Bureau and others. Significantly, it has also evolved into a standard system at NATO and has been selected and installed on VIP and civil platforms used by the United Nations (UN) Air Operations, the Canadian and the US governments.

BIRD Aerosystems Ltd. is a privately owned company established in 2001 and based in Israel. BIRD specializes in providing Airborne Missile Self Protection Systems (AMPS) that protects military, civil and VIP aircraft against Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) and Airborne Surveillance, Information and Observation (ASIO) systems for Maritime and ground surveillance missions.

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