Africa Airforce Forum: BIRD Aerosystems will present its operationally proven ASIO Special Mission Aircraft solutions and AMPS Airborne Missile Protection Systems
Monday, October 24, 2022

Africa Airforce Forum, Senegal, Stand #1

[October 24, 2022] BIRD Aerosystems, a global provider of innovative defense technology and solutions that protect the air, sea, and land fleets of governments and related agencies, will present its Airborne Surveillance, Information and Observation (ASIO) solutions and Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS) at the Africa Airforce Forum in Senegal. Installed on hundreds of aircraft operating worldwide, BIRD’s solutions are operationally deployed by different customers in Africa, including forces of the UN operating in Mali, Somalia, and other conflict zones.

BIRD’s ASIO Special Mission Aircraft is an end-to-end airborne Information, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) solution ideal for maritime and ground surveillance. With the MSIS Mission Management C4I System that integrates all mission sensors, ASIO offers decision-makers and field commanders accurate, real-time terrestrial and maritime information that dramatically enhances situational awareness. A true force multiplier, ASIO enables even small crews to deliver detailed and comprehensive surveillance information covering large geographic areas, and to provide a rapid and effective response to any incoming threat.

BIRD’s AMPS missile protection system provides the most enhanced protection for military and civilian aircraft against the growing threat of ground-to-air missiles (MANPADS). AMPS automatically detects, verifies, and foils SAM attacks through the effective use of countermeasure decoys (Flares and Chaff) and by Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) that jam the missile’s IR seeker and protect the aircraft. Queued by the Missile Warning Sensors (MWS), BIRD’s SPREOS (Self Protection Radar Electro-Optic System) DIRCM can uniquely confirm that it is a real missile and not a false alarm. At the same time, it precisely assesses the nature of the particular threat, tracking it and cueing an advanced QCL dual-band laser to defeat the threat. Based on BIRD Aerosystems’ experience and proven record, SPREOS DIRCM ensures optimal platform protection in the most effective way available today.

Ronen Factor, Co-CEO and Founder at BIRD Aerosystems: “Operationally proven, BIRD solutions allow forces operating in Africa to protect their aircraft and crew, and provide them with cutting-edge abilities for surveillance and maritime patrol missions.”

About BIRD Aerosystems

BIRD Aerosystems, a global provider of innovative defense technology and solutions, protect fleets, armored vehicles and ground assets of governments and related agencies. BIRD secures these assets via its industry-leading missile protection, and border task force, solutions. It provides turn-key programs, including design and certification services, as well as installation in its wholly owned Maintenance and Repair Organization (MRO). The company integrates world-class engineering with its patented technology to deliver end-to-end airborne and land protection solutions to customers like the US government, UN Air Operations, NATO forces and leading defense organizations.

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