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Management Team

Management Team

BIRD Aerosystems has an outstanding reputation in the defense community with a very capable management team that brings vast operational experience combined with in-depth engineering capabilities that together drive the development of new and advanced airborne products and solutions. 

In total, we have a multi-disciplinary highly capable management team capable of powering large scale and complex projects.                                                                    

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BIRD Aerosystems Key Management Personnel:
 Mr. Ronen Factor - Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder
 Mr. David Dragucki (Drago) - Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder
 Mr. Ariye Caplan - VP Aircraft Protection Programs
 Mr. Shaul Mazor - VP Marketing and Business Development
 Mr. Royee Li-Ran - VP Special Mission Solutions
 Mrs. Hani Luxenburg  - CFO 
 Mr. Yuval Dan Gur - VP System Engineering
 Mr. Shlomi Shefer - VP Operations
 Mr. Semion Zelikman - R&D Director

Mr. Ronen Factor - Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Ronen Factor heads the company as part of a joint management team, together with Mr. David Dragucki. In addition, he leads the business development and the finance in the company.
Mr. Factor has vast experience in Avionics and airborne EW systems.
Prior to founding BIRD, Mr. Factor was leading EW programs from basic conceptualization to full implementation at various customer sites, taking responsibility for both program management and comprehensive  business development.
Mr. Factor was also one of the leading system engineers in the development of the South African Rooivalk attack helicopter, responsible for the complete helicopter's Human Machine Interface as well as the system integration and testing of the helicopter's weapons, avionics, visionics and EW systems.
Mr. Factor holds a B.Sc. in industrial and management Engineering, from Ben-Gurion University and served as an attack helicopter pilot in the Israeli Air Force for many years.

Mr. David Dragucki (Drago) - Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Mr. Dragucki heads the company as part of a joint management team, together with Mr. Ronen Factor. In addition, he leads the operations and program management activities in the company.
Mr. Dragucki has vast experience  specializing in air- to- ground weapon systems, UAVs, avionics, and airborne EW systems.
Prior to founding BIRD, Mr. Dragucki was the program director  for major air- to- surface missile programs for the IMOD and for  major Israeli defense companies. In addition, he was contracted by the  largest Israeli defense company to manage one of its  major   UAV programs for a foreign client.
Mr. Dragucki   served as an officer and program manager for the Israeli Air Force heading the Delilah air- to- ground weapon system program.
Mr. Dragucki holds a B.Sc. in electrical engineering, from the  Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and an MA in Business Administration from the Hebrew University  of Jerusalem.


Mr. Ariye Caplan - VP Aircraft Protection Programs

Mr. Caplan serves as Vice Presidents and Director of BIRD's Aircraft Protection Programs and is responsible for overseeing BIRD's AMPS Programs, including all activities from business development, engineering and marketing to the timely delivery of BIRD's Aircraft Protection Solutions. Mr Caplan also heads BIRD's innovative product development efforts in the field of Self Protection Solutions, as well as the ongoing installation and delivery programs for customers worldwide.
Prior to his current position, he led the R&D team at BIRD Mr. Caplan has garnered vast experience in his field, specializing in advanced aerospace and avionics systems.
Prior to joining BIRD, Mr. Caplan served as the Technical Team Manager at ELBIT systems Ltd and participated in development and engineering as Senior System Engineer for C4ISR Battle Management systems and various avionics and armament aircraft upgrade programs at ELBIT systems.
Mr. Caplan holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and an M.S. degree in Science Management from Polytechnic University, NYC.
He is a reserve attack and Naval CSAR helicopter pilot in the Israeli Airforce. 

Mr. Shaul Mazor - VP Marketing and Business Development

Mr. Mazor heads the Marketing and Business Development activities at BIRD with responsibility for the company’s marketing and sales activities and for establishing business development initiatives and strategic partnerships that consist with the company’s overall strategy.
Mr. Mazor has vast marketing experience and specializes in EW and Communication systems.
Prior to joining BIRD, Mr. Mazor was the Director of Marketing and Business Development of the communication and command & control Directorate in RAFAEL, where he led their world wide marketing and business development activities.
Mr. Mazor served as an EW specialist officer in the Israeli Defense Forces and holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, and an M.B.A in Marketing and Finance from Haifa University.

Mr. Royee Li-Ran - VP Special Mission Solutions

Mr. Li-Ran joined BIRD in 2004 as one of its core members and has acted in various capacities in the company over the years.
Mr. Li-Ran serves as the head of BIRD's Special Mission Aircraft Business Unit. He is responsible for overseeing BIRD's SMA Programs, including all activities from business development and marketing to timely delivery of Special Mission Aircraft, Helicopters and other C4ISR segments.
Mr. Li-Ran is a former fighter pilot in the Israeli Air force who flew several types of fighter aircraft. He also headed one of the Air force's flight simulator training facilities.
Mr. Li-Ran holds a BA in Computer Science.

Mrs. Hani Luxenburg - CFO

Mrs. Luxenburg heads the Finance Department at BIRD.
Prior to joining BIRD Mrs. Luxenburg served in several finance roles. Mrs. Luxenburg was a Tax and Audit Manager at Ernst & Young Israel. Also Mrs. Luxenburg served as a Director of Revenue Accounting at Alvarion LTD. and was the Corporate Controller of AstraZeneca (Israel) Ltd. Mrs. Luxenburg is a Certified Public Accountant in Israel and a Lawyer, Accepted as a member of the Israel Bar Association. Mrs. Luxenburg holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economic from the Haifa University and LL.B in Law from The Interdisciplinary Center Herzelia.




Mr. Yuval Dan-Gur - VP System Engineering

Mr. Dan-Gur specializes in R&D management, operational planning and risk analysis.
Mr. Dan-Gur has vast experience in managing R&D teams in private and public companies, active researcher in areas of technology, IS and leadership. Received National Presidential Prize for contribution to the Nation. Mr. Dan-Gur holds Bs.C. in Electrical Engineering, Ms.C. in Industrial Engineering and Ph.D. in Information Systems. 



Mr. Shlomi Shefer - VP Operations

Mr. Shefer is an Aircraft Operations and Maintenance specialist with vast experience in developing advanced operations, maintenance and logistics programs.
Mr. Shefer is a retired military officer, having served 25 years in the Israeli Air Force and MOD (Ministry Of Defense) in a wide range of operations and programs management in various disciplines.
Mr. Shefer brings his expertise in management, maintenance and operations in all aspects of the supply chain to BIRD's team.
Mr. Shefer holds a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and an M.E. in System Engineering.


Mr. Semion Zelikman - R&D Director

Mr. Zelikman heads the research and development of new products at BIRD
Prior to joining BIRD Mr. Zelikman has served in Israeli Air Force and Israeli MOD as a technical leader for the advanced self protection systems. Mr. Zelikman participated in the design, development, integration and test of multi-sensor systems integrating various counter measures.
After joining BIRD in 2008 Mr. Zelikman served as system engineer, technical manager and programs manager before becoming the company R&D Director.
Mr. Zelikman holds B.Sc. and M.Sc, in electrical engineering.