AEROSHIELD - All-in-One Airborne SPS Pod

In light of the growing threat of MANPADS (shoulder-launched missiles) to civil and military aviation, and the need to protect wide-body aircraft, BIRD created AEROSHIELD - a pod solution for protection of large aircraft and VIP jets.

Equipped with BIRD’s field-proven AMPS solution, AEROSHIELD offers simple installation with minimal interference to the aircraft, in a unified solution for all wide body aircraft including the A320, B737, B777, A380, and others.

AEROSHIELD is the only pod solution that supports protection by both DIRCM and flares, while fully complying with EASA/FAA civil aviation regulation procedures.

AEROSHIELS is already fully operational and in use on VIP aircraft.  

Integrating the full AMPS system into all in one POD solution, the “AEROSHIELD” provides the best on board integration for large aircraft and VIP jets

AEROSHIELD Advantages:

  Optimum platform protection
  Supports protection by both DIRCM and flares
  Easy installation and configuration - one pod fits all
  Smaller and lighter than any pod solution
  Low-footprint design
  Minimal aircraft modification
  Pods are easily transferred between aircraft for optimum fleet management



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