Self Protection Radar Electro Optic System (SPREOS) DIRCM

SPREOS provides enhanced protection against the immediate threat of MANPADS for a wide-range of airborne platforms, ranging from small helicopters to large transport aircraft. SPREOS integrates into a single Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) multiple functions including threat confirmation, tracking and jamming of advanced IR guided missiles. Upon receiving a warning from the onboard Missile Warning System (MWS), SPREOS quickly slews to the direction of the incoming threat and activates the radar function for confirmation and tracking. Following the confirmation and tracking SPREOS deploys the dual-band counter measure laser causing the missile to miss the aircraft. 

SPREOS is the most advanced DIRCM solution in the market that ensures enhanced protection of your aircraft against any type of MANPADS

Unique SPREOS Capabilities:

  Ensures only real threats will be declared by the system through effective filtering for all nature and man made known types of false alarms - Virtually Zero False Alarm

  Collects specific threat information (velocity, distance) and calculates its time-to-impact, enabling an optimized jamming technique

  Constant threat tracking assess whether the missile has been defeated and how effective is the protection

  Integration with any legacy MWS through the patented concept for acquiring of incoming threats via dual band radar technology

  Single LRU, the most compact and lightweight in the market

  Simple installation on all type of platforms



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