ASIO Advantages

By combining a successful, proven platform with a state-of the-art equipment, ASIO has become one of the most affordable, reliable and capable Maritime Surveillance Aircraft available today.

  Based upon extensive operational experience and BIRD’s in-depth familiarity with mission-critical C4ISR requirements.
  Can be delivered on customer-provided in-fleet platforms, or on new or pre-owned aircraft purchased and modified by BIRD.
  Fully configurable – based upon type of mission and the required sensors
  Supports real-time operation of multiple sensors and multiple operators in the air and on the ground.
  Proven experience – ASIO is operational in a number of military and civilian configurations.

BIRD’s extensive operational experience and in-depth familiarity with mission-critical requirements has facilitated the characterization and supply of a unique intelligence-gathering solution that can be tailored to meet the requirements of customers around the world.


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