Full Connectivity

Constant Communication

Communication is a key ingredient for surveillance and monitoring missions. To provide continuous communication capabilities between the aircraft and the ground C&C, ASIO is equipped with secure wideband data links and a SATCOM system.

The on-board communication system is controlled by the MSIS mission system via a dedicated "communication interface screen" that enable the allocation of the communication channels as well as the option to record automatically or on demand.

This makes it possible to send and receive orders from/to ground C&C or other deployed units in a secure way, providing them with a real-time unified situational awareness picture and a fast link for orders.


Ground Command and Control

The ASIO Ground segment enables real-time C4I management while also serving as an operational extension of the airborne segment through concurrent use of on-ground mission experts that support the ongoing mission.

The ASIO Ground Control Station is fully modular in structure and can range from a simple pre/post-mission work station (fixed or mobile) to a full MSIS unit with enhanced mission real-time command and control capabilities as well as mission setup, control, and debriefing.


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