BIRD's Mission Management System - MSIS

In order to achieve maximum mission effectiveness BIRD has the developed the Multi Sensor Integration System (MSIS) mission management system that integrates and manages the airborne sensors and subsystems and provides the airborne and ground users with a unified real-time situational awareness picture.

MSIS boosts the surveillance capabilities and mission effectiveness by enabling the collection of large amount of data that is automatically classified and is clearly displayed using an easy and intuitive HMI.

The system reduces the airborne mission crew workload and enables the crew to efficiently complete detection and classification of only the relevant targets.

MSIS main capabilities include:

  Command and Control application for management of all mission phases (planning, execution, debriefing)
  Real-time data collection, correlation and target analysis
  Real-time management and automatic activation of sensors and sub-systems
  Integration and display of layered information in accordance with NATO symbolic
  Internal communication and integrated tasking
  Flight plan definition in accordance with the evolving mission
  Recording and live playback of recorded information








MSIS can be tailored to meet customer requirements. It supports a wide range of sensor configurations including the transmission of real-time information to the ground C&C, and enables assignment of targets, tasks and information requests between the ground and the airborne operators.




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