AMPS -ML protects against MANPADS threats and Laser threats including Laser Range Finders (LRF), Laser Target Designators (LTD) and Laser Beam Rider (LBR) by using the MILDS® AN/AAR60 UV Sensors and the ALTAS-2QB sensors.

The AMPS-ML is based on the AMPS-M components with the additional integration of the ALTAS-2QB to the MCDU. This enables the system to track and warn of hostile laser sources aiming at airborne platforms.

ALTAS-2QB (Advanced Laser Threat Alerting System - 2 Quadrants with a Beam rider Detector) sensors identify laser range finders, laser target designators and laser beam rider sources.
The sensor identifies the following:

• Laser source (Laser Range Finder or Laser Target Designator and Laser Beam Rider)
• Angle of Arrival (AOA) in azimuth
• Additional parameters of the threatening laser source helping to define the threat classification.

The result is in the increased safety of aircrews with features such as a short activation time, low false alarm rate and calculated high angle of arrival (AOA).

Main Features:

• Protects against MAPNPADS threats and Laser Beam Rider threats
• Fully autonomous system from detection to protection
• Multi-threat handling
• Stand alone configuration - no interfaces required to mission or avionic systems
• Wavelength coverage for pulsed laser threats and CW modulated beam rider threats
• High accuracy of detection
• False alarm suppression
• System blanking on request from the MCDU
• Short installation and integration time

 AMPS-ML is a modular, stand-alone, operational system that can be fully configured to cost-effectively contend with the widest range of Laser treats and IR-guided SAMs.

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Additional Information

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