AMPS-M protects against Shoulder Launched Missiles (MANPADS) using the MILDS® AN/AAR60 UV Sensors.

At the heart of the AMPS-M system is BIRD's Suite Controller (MCDU) that manages the MILDS passive imaging sensors, provides threat display to the operators and function as the counter measures firing controller.

AMPS-M tracks and identifies the UV sources through its MILDS imaging sensors, which additionally determine the angle of attack and priority of the threat. The MCDU then accurately initiates proper countermeasures and warns the pilot to begin necessary evasive maneuvers.

Main features:

• Fully autonomous system from detection to protection
• Small number of compact, light-weight units allowing easy installation in helicopters as well as wide-body aircraft
• No emissions from the sensors (stealth)
• No cooling, short activation time
• No interference from IR light and laser
• Multi-threat handling - up to 8 simultaneous threats
• Low device weight and low power consumption
• Standalone configuration - no interfaces required to (external) mission or avionic systems
• Short installation and integration time
• Very wide installation base

 The AMPS-M system provides full threat coverage, a very low false alarm rate, and maximum warning time for the deployment of appropriate countermeasures and ensuring the highest level of protection for crew and aircraft.

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Additional Information

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