The Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS) is provided in cooperation between AIRBUS Defence & Space and BIRD Aerosystems. The system offers the most advanced protection against Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) and has been certified by leading aircraft manufactures such as AIRBUS Helicopters and MIL Design Bureau. AMPS has a proven track record of protecting civil and military aircraft in many of the leading conflict zones worldwide such as Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.



The patented Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor (MACS) performs confirmation of suspected incoming missile threats and reduces the False Alarm Rate (FAR) to practically zero.
Concurrently, MACS also collects relevant information on the target (velocity and distance) and calculates its time-to-impact, enabling the most effective countermeasure response to the incoming missile.
By achieving an unprecedented value of practically zero FAR, MACS enables to comply with the EASA/FAA civil aviation regulations and to provide protection to civil and commercial aircraft against the threat of MANPADS.



The Airborne Surveillance, Intelligence and Observation (ASIO) solution is a complete turnkey special mission aircraft solution. ASIO is highly customizable and can address diverse operational requirements ranging from terrestrial surveillance, maritime patrol and targeted monitoring. The solution is supplied on a selection of aircraft with a wide range of sensors and subsystems and can be offered under direct purchase or dry/wet leasing agreements.



SPREOS is BIRD Aerosystems highly advanced DIRCM (Direct Infra Red Counter measure) solution, providing enhanced protection against the immediate threat of MANPADS for a wide-range of airborne platforms, ranging from small helicopters to large, wide-body transport aircraft.
SPREOS provides unique capabilities of confirmation, tracking and jamming all integrated into a single LRU.
SPREOS ensures the protection of your aircraft against any type of MANPADS Launch.

SPREOS - More than a DIRCM!